The human being is a complex system from whom lots of things remain to discover, among them, the Memory Tissues Mechanisms.

When an individual is confronted to a physical, emotional or mental trauma, there are different areas of the body where the impression or stamp related to the event remains fixed. These take form of deposits located in three distinct areas of the body as matter of “security copies”:

  • Limbic system.
  • Frontal cortical area.
  • Peripheral Deposit (out of the brain).

The Glot-Up or" Pacifier", as some people use to call it with affection, create in several occasions processes of Somato-emotional release during REM sleep.

Before this liberation takes place, the patient suddenly rejects the Glot-Up in the so-called Resistance Phenomenon. The patient refers: How is it possible? I don’t want to use the Glot-up now, and some days ago I was delighted with its results... The professional must request the patient to decrease the use of glot-up to short periods of time (from one minute to half an hour per day). The Resistance Phenomenon will disappear in a short lapse of time, and the patient is able to come back to its usual treatment. Then comes the Somato-emotional release.

Further aspects and advantages of the present device will become apparent from the ensuing cases that will be shown in the authorised professional section


Images by Glot-Up.
"The Craniosacral System"
(John Toribio, for The Upledger Institute, 2002)

Animation and skull images.

Helena Olivan