Glot-Up SBS

The SBS joint or Spheno-Basilar-Synchondrosis is the union among the occipital bone and the sphenoid.
It is particularly in this joint where Glot-up is able to act more fundamentally, as it allows amplifying already existing movements of flexion-extension of facial bones, internal surface of the base(cranial fosaae) and cranial vault.

Direct vector action is exerted through impulses generated by tongue on central teat during swallowing, active suction and sensitive suction processes (detailed below) comprised in Glot-up adaptation protocol.

The adaptation protocol includes five phases:

  • 1- Active suction.
  • 2- Sensitive suction.
  • 3-Trismus Elimination.
  • 4-Swallowing.
  • 5-Spontaneous expulsion of Glot-Up.

During adaptation process, the patient must use Glot-Up a minute per day during the first fortnight and then use it ten minutes per day during the second fortnight.

Until five adaptation phases are not overcome, the patient must NOT USE Glot-up during sleep, nor in short periods of it.


Images by Glot-Up.
"The Craniosacral System"
(John Toribio, for The Upledger Institute, 2002)

Animation and skull images.

Helena Olivan