Glot-Up Odontology


As we described before, the Glot-Up is a pre-orthodontics device designed to treat:

  • Disorder in occlusion (Class I, II, III).
  • Disorder in occlusion (Vertical dimension).
  • Disorder in occlusion (unilateral or bilateral cross bite).
  • Trismus ( excessive and involuntary contraction of the masseter muscles).
  • Bruxism (excessive and involuntary contraction of the masseter muscles with rubbing among dental maxillae pieces).
  • TMJ Syndrome (Temporal Mandibular Joint).
  • Ogival Palate.
  • Osteo-integration of dental pieces (only when there is no ligament injury) allowing and stimulating the growth of trabeculae.


Images by Glot-Up.
"The Craniosacral System"
(John Toribio, for The Upledger Institute, 2002)

Animation and skull images.

Helena Olivan