Glot-Up Neurology

Our contribution from a neurological point of view, in this introduction, consists of exposing what happens fundamentally in the structure and function of the cranial nerves, when Glot-Up allows in brain the so-called MOTION process.

  • I – Olfactory Nerve.
  • II – Optical Nerve.
  • III –Common oculomotor Nerve.
  • IV – Patetic/Throclear Nerve.
  • – Trigeminal Nerve.
  • VI - External oculomotor Nerve/Abducens Nerve.
  • VII – Facial Nerve.
  • VIII – Auditory Nerve.
  • IX - Glosspharingeal Nerve.
  • X – Vagus Nerve.
  • XI – Accessory Nerve.
  • XII – Hypoglossal Nerve.


Further aspects and advantages of the present device for cranial nerves will become apparent from the ensuing cases that will be shown in the section for authorised professional in our web page.


Images by Glot-Up.
"The Craniosacral System"
(John Toribio, for The Upledger Institute, 2002)

Animation and skull images.

Helena Olivan